How do we plant so many treest?

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We often get asked how it is possible for us to plant so many trees for every pair of sunglasses we sell, and many skeptics don't even believe it is possible! So we figured we'd give you a little background on the process...

To be the answer is more simple than you might imagine. Our partners, Eden Reforestation Projects, are one of the largest reforestation non-profits in the world and have partnered with some very large and illustrious companies (other than ThisGuy, of course :P) to plant trees on their behalf.

The result of this is they operate on a MASSIVE scale and have planted over 200 million trees worldwide, that's MILLION!! The economies that come with an operation of such a scale allows them to plant 10 trees and create 1 day of work for every $1 donation that is made to them - that's really impressive!

For more information you can check out our website,, or go directly to the source at:


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